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In this day of computers, we sometimes forget that thousands of years ago man's first computer — his brain — was processing millions of bits of information to protect himself, grow his crops, or hunt for his food. Ten thousand years ago along the coast of Maine, natives looked at clouds, trees, water, sun and moon to determine how and when best to act. Weather twigs are a connection to that empirical past where early man observed the movement of branches and action of plants to tell time and predict when weather would be fair or foul.

When you observe a Tell-Tale-Twig™ you are a continuum of an ancient story and natural practice. Harvested only when the spring sap begins to flow, it takes seven hand-finishing stages before a balsam twig is packaged and ready for market.

Your television weatherman, working with expensive computerized and graphic-enhanced information, may be less accurate in predicting weather than your "green", one-of-a kind, long lasting, dependable, and pleasantly visual Evergreen Farms produced Twig.

Think on that!

Weathertwigs make great gifts and they really work!!
We sell them retail up to 10 per order.

Choose Quantity

Wholesale Weathertwigs come in boxes of 25, 100 or 200. Each weathertwig is individually wrapped in a plastic sleeve with directions. Call for pricing and shipping information.

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