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I will honor Christmas in my heart,
and try to keep it all the year
~ Charles Dickens


What Wreaths Symbolize

Able to survive throughout the harshest winters, Balsam "green" represents not only beautiful and tactile memories, but a triumph of nature and soul. Throughout the world wreaths bring meaning to a special occasion - the circle by its very shape symbolizing eternity, ever-lasting life, and perfection. Wreaths have been in use for hundreds of years dating back to ancient cultures. In the Persian, Greek, and Roman Empires they were symbols of importance and victory. The Greeks used them as crowns and to award athletes in the first Olympics. Europeans hung wreaths on their doorways as crests to represent their family. Advent wreaths originated as folk traditions in northern Europe after the birth of Christ. In the deep of winter candles were lit on circular shaped bundles of evergreens.

Since its beginnings in the old cow shed on the hill, Evergreen Farms and Bill Karas have harvested balsam to sustain a timeless tradition and create handcrafted quality products for customers to lovingly display, or by which to remember someone.

Through three decades the wreaths of Evergreen Farms have continued to proudly serve as messengers of strength, love, and honor.

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